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Ristorante da noi (Italian-style)(opposite)

Bakery Zöttl directly opposite

Café & Bar Bacio (opposite)

Vinzenzmurr Butchery (opposite)

Halong Bay (Vietnamese-style)(opposite)

Trattoria Dolce Vita (Italian) (at a distance of approx. 150 meters)

Zum Sollner Hirschen, restaurant,bar - Bavarian beergarden, at a distance of approx. 400 meters

Chang Bistro (Asian-style) (approx. 1 km)

Isartaler Brauhaus (Bavarian-style) (approx. 1.6 km away)

Boarding House Iberl's Restaurant And Beergarden (Bavarian-style) (approx. 1.9 km away)

Waldwirtschaft Grosshesselohe restaurant and Bavarian beergarden(2.8 km away)

Alter Wirt Forstenried (Bavarian-style) (at a distance of approx. 3.2 kilometers)

Augustiner Schützengarten (Bavarian-style) (approx. 4 km)

Knödel Express (delivery service)

Pronto Pizza (dellivery service)

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